The Monboxy owners and their children

Who are we

Our story

The best products are born from a personal necessity. This truly is the case for us. Our family of five - Mārtiņš, Gunita, and our three young kids under six - had trouble finding activities that helped our kids learn and have fun. We decided to invest in our kids’ independence and development by creating a product that can grow with them and provide not only fun and playfulness but also help them learn gross motor skills and the benefits of open-ended play.

Three kids playing with their Monboxy activity play set

Why we do it

Our mission

We want kids all over the world to feel secure while exploring and discovering new things at their own pace with Monboxy. We’ve seen the positive impact our products have had on our own children and our friends’ families. We’re raising a generation of young minds that don’t feel boxed in and can solve any problems through exploration. Smart toys play a big role in creating an environment where children feel safe and can develop on their own terms.

Toddler girl playing with with Monboxy play couch blocks

How we do it

Our Montessori approach

As a Montessori-inspired family, we believe in hands-on learning and exploration for our kids. This belief drives our mission with Monboxy. Our mattress set is designed to support children in developing essential life skills.

  • Develops Gross motor skills
  • Boosts open-ended play
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Encourages independent play

Locally manufactured, quality mattresses

Focusing on what’s important

Production procees of Monboxy play couch for kid

Keeping manufacturing local

It’s important to us that we create and manufacture all our products in our home base in Northern Europe.

Closeup of Monboxy fabric with tag

Only the best for our children

Certified materials that meet safety criteria. Removable, washable, easy to store – we’ve thought of it all.

Creating happy experiences all over the world

Listen to what our customers have to say

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    “I got it for my grandson's playroom he loves tumbling on them, using them as a fort, and watching his favorite movie.”
    Sharon, from Florida

  • 5 star rating icon

    Very nice aesthetic

    “Quality product, very nice aesthetically and very useful to give positive moments of play to my two children, aged 2 and 5, who use it in a thousand different ways.”
    Petra, from Austria

  • 5 star rating icon

    Fast delivery

    “Good quality purchase with fast delivery. This could even add as a sleeping mattress (firm) for little ones whenever I have guests with children over.”
    Celine, from France

  • 5 star rating icon

    Versatile and great quality

    “Excellent play couch! My kids cannot get enough. It's so versatile to play with and also just to use for reading a book. Excellent quality and fantastic customer service. Highly recommend!”
    Lelde, from Latvia

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