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Our story

With 3 children under 6 years I decided to create toys that children love and to make them available to other families and Monboxy mattress set is the newest product line that I have started to offer.

It all begun when we wanted to create custom bed for our firstborn and created a bed in a shape of house. When friends visited, they were admiring the bed and that's how it was decided to offer such beds for other parents.

With time going and child growing and family expanding, we created other products to fit our children's needs introducing different sorts of kitchen towers, climbers and table sets to fit every children's needs. 

All that led us to this point and decision to introduce play mattress set to further expand our collection.

Through this whole time we have put focus on our product quality and children safety while using the products as well as customer service and satisfaction. Those are the cornerstones that our brands are based on. 

To find our beautiful house shaped beds and other products, feel free to visit:

Monboxy is protected by Registered Community Design (RCD) 008466007-0001. Any illegal use of this design and pictures will result in official litigation.




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